Serving the area of Palette, Ripple, Jessop and Waseosa Lakes for more than 50 years

2018 Annual Corn Roast


Annual LWRA


Saturday, September 1nd, 12pm to 4pm (Saturday of Labour Day Weekend)

Where:  The West Residence. 1346 South Waseosa Lake Road, on the west shore in the southern half of Lake Waseosa (see map below) - use South Waseosa Lake Road.

This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and the members of the board of the association.

Why is the lake level so low this year?

A hot topic this year are the lake levels. Some are enjoying expanded beaches, but others are having trouble floating their boats. Some people are wondering if the lake levels are being tinkered with, but the truth is we have been experiencing a year long drought. Precipitation in Muskoka over the past 12 months is only 70% compared to the 30 year average, according to records collected at the Muskoka Airport.

2018 Municipal Elections

VOTING METHOD The Town of Huntsville will be implementing the "Internet and Telephone" voting method for the 2018 Municipal & School Board Election

ACCESSIBILITY For information regarding the Town's 2018 Municipal Election Accessibility Plan please visit:
https:/ general resources.asp



How to join us/Lake Waseosa Ratepayers Association

Membership in the LWRA is open to any area ratepayer with a limit of one membership per property and one membership per person.  All new memberships must be approved by the Board of Directors to ensure compliance with the rules.

Annual dues are $40.00.   Dues can be:

1.  Sent c/o 21 Cottage Lane, Huntsville, Ontario, P1H 2J4

2.  Paid in person at one of our events.

3.  Paid by e-transfer to    please use password annual

2017 Official Plan Review

ast President Brian Gray has been serving as a member of the Citizens' Working Group during this review, and offers this perspective on the process.
I suggest that whatever your views, what matters most is making yourself heard (and ideally your members) with the councillors. This can be at one of the meetings, via email, or via the comment form in the Town's letter. Individual citizens' voices DO MATTER to the councillors. Deputy Mayor Karen Terziano is particularly important.

Lake Etiquette

Welcome to the lake!! How lucky you are to spend time on Waseosa, Pallet, Ripple or Jingo Lake.

We know you want to be a good neighbour and an active protector of our special environment.

To do this there are a few simple things you must know:

  •        what to do with your garbage
  •        how to get along with the neighbors
  •        how to have as little impact on the lake as possible yet still enjoy its simple pleasures


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