Winter 2008

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A Message from the President

By Bruce Howlett, President

On behalf of the directors of the L.W.R.A., I wish to extend to all of our members, a happy holiday season and health in 2009.

             A sad note, in that we lost Ray Jones in November. Ray made a huge contribution over many years, acting as a director of the association and volunteering to help whenever asked. Ray will be truly missed.

             Members with internet access can view a complete overview of the Peiper severance by Director Doob saga on our website. In late November 08, Ms Peiper withdrew her request for a new OMB hearing, thus the divisional court hearing scheduled for December 1st was not necessary. We asked for costs and were turned down as the court had not actually heard arguments. As it stands we are back to the January 07 decision of the OMB denying the severance. However, the District of Muskoka has now re-classified Waseosa phosphorous levels as "Under Threshold". The developer may use this as an excuse to start over with a new application.

             Those who have visited Blueberry Island will have noted the physical degradation of this small land mass. The directors are going to move for a 2 year moratorium moratorium on visitation to the island at the next AGM. If approved by the membership, clean-up and restoration of the islands shoreline and vegetation will be implemented with the help of volunteers.

             Presently we have 101 paid up and 9 overdue members out of a possible 237 residents on our four lakes. A new initiative by membership chair Cam White and his committee will feature personal canvassing for membership. We will also send out an invoice and letter outlining our activities and accomplishments to all residents in January. 

 Announcing the LWRA Trout Fishing Derby.

By Scott Zies, Fish Committee Chair

            As a way of encouraging participation in our fish reporting system (see insert) we are sponsoring the first annual Trout Fishing Derby!

             To be eligible, the fish must be caught in one of our four lakes (Ripple, Palette, Jessop or Waseosa) between January 1st and July 31st of 2009. The winners will be the longest trout (measured from tip to tail). You will need to submit a photograph showing the length, (eg: photograph it against a ruler or tape measure) and include your name and age, the date/time and the approximate location where you caught it.

             Trophies will be awarded at the Annual Corn Roast for each age category: Junior (14 and under) and Senior (Over 14).

 Website is sporting a new face. The software has been changed to better suit the way we have been using it. Certain features are only available to paid-up members and/or their families so it is important to identify yourself as such when you register for a username in order to access all the features you are entitled to.  For example, this is a way voting members can review the minutes of the last AGM prior to approving them.

 High Speed Internet

The first tower should be erected shortly. We estimate that this will provide high speed (+/- 1MB) service to about 78% of the area residents. Once that tower is up and running, coverage will be re-evaluated to determine the need and location of additional towers. The towers will be 96€™ tall, unpainted and unlit so they should have a minimal impact on the scenery.

 So where do you sign up? Residents will contract with one of the two local Internet Service Providers for service. Vianet (located above PharmaSave downtown) or Surenet (located on Main St. West) are both offering similar packages (the devil is in the fine print, as always). You can get a 1-year full time contract or a 2-year seasonal contract from either ISP. Additional details are available on our website or from and, respectively. 

 New Faces

            John Forder reports that the Smiths of 95 Ripple/Palette Lake Rd. have moved to year round status.

             Bill Somers notes that Freda Healey at 651 N. Waseosa Lake Rd. has sold to the Toplinsky family who will be using the residence seasonally until they retire in the near future.

             Waseosa welcomes Sue and Jim Christie who have purchased the Enright home at 902 N. Waseosa Lake Rd.

 Environmentally Responsible Cleaners

A reminder that we are stocking a small supply of the Lord & Partners products that we offered this past summer: Super Green, Multi-Clean, Apple Safety Bowl and Hair & Body Soap. These are excellent products that are safe to use with a minimal effect on our lakes and we are offering them at our cost to everyone €“ members and non-members alike -- $12 per litre bottle. Please contact Dwayne (788-3693 or to get your hands on this great stuff. Full product data sheets are available on our website. 

 Camp Huronda Expansion

            The Canadian Diabetes Association has secured funding for their long-anticipated expansion project. They are now in the process of applying for zoning approval and permits. In accordance with resolutions approved by the membership, the Board of Directors has reviewed their plans over the past summer and is endorsing their application. LWRA Members can view a copy of our letter to the Town on the website.

 Benthos Test Results for 2008

We have the 2008 benthos monitoring results from the District. The results for this year are encouraging, and about the best we've ever seen. That may be due to the southern location of this year's collection site or the unusual spring weather we had, or a general improvement of water quality. You can download a complete copy of the District's results from the website.




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