Waseosa-specific articles

Wanted: Spotters, Swimmers, Snorklers and Divers!

Updated: Our thanks to the many people of all ages who gave up their time to help out with the cleanup. Photos are now posted in the Blueberry Island photo gallery: http://www.lwra.net/gallery/v/environmental_events/blueberry/

The Friends of Blueberry Island committee is holding an underwater cleanup of the area surrounding Blueberry Island. Over the years this popular destination has slowly been surrounded by empty cans, bottles and other detritus. It's time to clean up after ourselves!!!

Town Dock Replaced

After years of patching, it looks like the Town dock on Waseosa is finally repaired properly. The record flood this spring, coming with the ice breakup, pretty much destroyed the existing cribbing, leaving the deck tottering dangerously on the remains. We advised the Town of the situation by e-mail, and suggested that the work might qualify for emergency funding that was being offered by the province to assist in repairing the flood damage.

Public Boat Launch

Apparently some people believe there is a public boat launch in Camp Huronda and "Cottage Dreams", a cottage rental agency has been telling renters they can use Huronda's boat launch.

Revitalization of Blueberry Island


Update: We have received approval from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and a permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources to proceed with the in-water phase. This follows the previous MNR approval of the signage and on-shore replanting phase.

Huronda Proposal Approved by Council


Benthos test results for 2008

We have the 2008 benthos monitoring results from the District. The results for this year are encouraging, and about the best we've ever seen. That may be due to the southern location of this year's collection site or the unusual spring weather we had, or a general improvement of water quality.

Download the attached PDF to view the report.

Navigation Buoys

In 2005, the Association was informed that the yellow balls we had been placing as buoys to mark navigation hazards were not legal. Subsequently, the membership decided at the July 2 2005 meeting that the LWRA would no longer place them to avoid liablility. Since then, anonymous private individuals have taken it upon themselves to place markers at the hazards.

Bruce and Bill assisted with representatives from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in surveying the sites. The DFO advised us as to the locations and types of bouys that could be placed legally.