Social Activities

Lake Etiquette

Welcome to the lake!! How lucky you are to spend time on Waseosa, Pallet, Ripple or Jingo Lake.

We know you want to be a good neighbour and an active protector of our special environment.

To do this there are a few simple things you must know:

  •        what to do with your garbage
  •        how to get along with the neighbors
  •        how to have as little impact on the lake as possible yet still enjoy its simple pleasures


2017 Corn Roast


Annual LWRA


Saturday, September 2nd, 12pm to 4pm (Saturday of Labour Day Weekend)

Where:  The West Residence. 1346 South Waseosa Lake Road, on the west shore in the southern half of Lake Waseosa (see map below) - use South Waseosa Lake Road.

This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and the members of the board of the association.

February Social -- 2011

Koffee Kan Kurling


What do you do when it's -10° in the sun with a windchill of -20? Well if you are Canadian, you head outside to enjoy it! 

2013 "Family Day" Winter Social

44 people braved the raging snowstorm and bitter cold bright sunshine and  mild temperatures this Family Day weekend to attend the LWRA celebration of winter.

coffee can curling

Fun Day Results - 2014

Fun Day Results August 2 2014


  • The weather was gorgeous, we had an excellent turnout for the events.

  • By approximate counts there were over 90 in attendance.

  • New this year was the Intermediate Swim Age Group, splitting the Junior (7-10) and Intermediate (11-15) swim age categories encouraged more Junior swimmers to participate, which was terrific.  

  • The egg toss for grownups was a hit, lots of parents ended up participating.

  • We handed out 63 medals total

  • For more photos, see the 2014 Fun Day Photo Alb
  • We encourage all ages to continue to participate to make our little lakes event a success!
    Thank you to everyone who attended, all our volunteers and to the Verhey's for generously hosting!

History Project


Your stories.

We want to compile a history of the area and we need your help before it's lost in the mists of time. When and why did Long Lake and Round Lake become Waseosa and Palette? Who originally built your cottage? How many places have hosted Fun Day over the years? What inspired people to form the LWRA in the first place ?

LWRA ID Plaques

 Show off your membership! These classy and durable ID Plaques are available to members of the LWRA and their weatherproof construction means they can be mounted just about anywhere.  

LWRA ID plaque

LWRA Corn Roast


Our Biggest Event of the Year!

Saturday, August 30

2011 Corn Roast Wrap-up

Looks like we bet on the right horse! The weather on Saturday was almost perfect, the weather on Sunday was wet.

If you are one of the 152 people who made it to the Corn Roast, you are probably on film and the photos have been posted in our album at  (if you have additional photos you would like to add to our collection, e-mail them to If you didn't make it you can check out the photos to see what you missed.

2011 Fun Day report

All indications are the day was a great success! The weather was cooperative, warm and sunny with a light breeze.  We had 32 children and 31 adults register as competitors for the various events, plus assorted spectators for an estimated attendance of over 100 people. 

The most popular single event, by competitors, was the Sr. canoe race (20) followed closely by the Jr. Swim Race (18). The number of kayaks pulled up on shore equalled the number of canoes, showing just how popular these nimble little craft have become in recient years.