High Speed Internet Access


UPDATE APRIL 23: Old North Road is again open its entire length, although water in the river and ditches remains high.

If you are aware of any other flooding in the LWRA area, please let us know via secretary@LWRA.net


Connection Tests

Addresses and Connection Type

DNS Security and Connection Speed

(code courtesy CZ.NIC Labs under the GPL license)


DSL based High Speed Internet Options

After ignoring our requests for years and telling us that there were not enough people around here to warrant the expense, Bell has finally installed the required hardware to provide DSL service to the Lake Waseosa area.

This opens up a number of options for high speed internet. "High speed" is a relative term, of course, and no matter what any provider says, the actual speed is dependent largely on the distance of copper wire between you and the switching equipment (known as a "DSLAM").

Internet connection test

The link below will take you to a site featuring an intensive internet quality test that checks for more than just a momentary burst of speed. Note that Java must be enabled on your machine for this test to run.

Second Wireless High Speed Internet Tower Now Live.

Good news! The second tower went live yesterday. Located on the peak of the hill overlooking Ceramic Mine Road, the "Melissa Tower" should fill in the radio shadows cast by the hills around here, particularly along East Waseosa Lake Road and the areas around Palette, Ripple and the north end of Waseosa. In fact, the location should provide extensive coverage from Huntsville to Novar.

Wireless highspeed -- a subscriber's point of view.

Final Update: March 2010: The system has has now been running for approximately a year. Once the teething issues were settled (as documented below), the connection has been consistent with good signal strength even through the summer when the foliage was at it's maximum and in the midst of a winter snowstorm.

High Speed Internet Access Now Available.

The first tower went live today (Feb. 3)  at 5:45pm. The installer said "I'm hooking up the cables now" and within 2 minutes he had a call on his cell phone from Core telling him the system had recognized the new tower going online. (And you think driving and talking on a cell is bad -- how about doing it while clinging to a narrow perch with frozen fingers 100' in the air! Surprised

High Speed Wireless Internet Tower Under Construction

Update: January 30th. Things are back on track again and the tower is taking shape. They use a modified TV tower as a crane to lift the tower sections into place. I refuse to say the new projected operation date because every time I do, something happens to cause further delays!

Wireless High Speed -- how it will work

MCN has hired Core to erect the towers and related infrastructure for high speed wireless service in our area. The system is described as a "hub and spoke" arraingement -- there will be a central main tower in Huntsville to serve smaller regional towers for areas like ours. Core is now awaiting final approval from Huntsville Town Council for the main tower. That location must be finalized before they can finalize the height and locations of the regional towers.

High Speed Options

Spurred on by Jerry's initiative, I have contacted a number of takeholders and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The Waseosa area should be receiving wireless high-speed service no later than this coming September.

There will be 2 primary alternatives: