Environmental Issues

Benthos test results for 2008

We have the 2008 benthos monitoring results from the District. The results for this year are encouraging, and about the best we've ever seen. That may be due to the southern location of this year's collection site or the unusual spring weather we had, or a general improvement of water quality.

Download the attached PDF to view the report.

pieper 2009 application

Sybil Pieper is trying again. She has filed a new application to subdivide her property. This latest attempt is similar to the last in that she wants to create 3 new lots, but this time she wants to make the lots smaller! We have examined the application (attached as a PDF file to the bottom of this notice) and can only surmise that, if successful, this application leaves enough retained lands to create even more lots in the future. There will be a public meeting to consider her application on February 17th at 9:00 am in Council Chambers.

Waseosa Benthos Monitoring 2009-05-22.


The bug counts have been completed for 2009 at site #2, Bear Island, east side, by a much focused group of participants.

We started the count at 9:30 am completed at 12:30pm. We surpassed the required number of 300 bugs to be identified by 200 plus.

I wish to thank all those who assisted in this annual task to insure the lake water quality is being maintained.

The L.W.R.A. thanks the following "bug counters", in no special order;

Ellie Hamilton

Hudson family, count them, four.

Presentation to Council re Pieper proposal -- July 21, 2009


Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Dwayne Verhey, representing the Lake Waseosa Ratepayers' Association. Here with me at the table today are John Forder, our Ripple Lake representative on the Board and Bill Somers, our Ripple Lake representative. When we where here last, we gave each member of the committee an extensive report. We hope that you have had time to at least look it over. Understanding that time is short, we won't repeat ourselves here today. But that report forms a part of our presentation. Also, to help save time, we have consulted with Mr.

Wanted: Spotters, Swimmers, Snorklers and Divers!

Updated: Our thanks to the many people of all ages who gave up their time to help out with the cleanup. Photos are now posted in the Blueberry Island photo gallery: http://www.lwra.net/gallery/v/environmental_events/blueberry/

The Friends of Blueberry Island committee is holding an underwater cleanup of the area surrounding Blueberry Island. Over the years this popular destination has slowly been surrounded by empty cans, bottles and other detritus. It's time to clean up after ourselves!!!

Pieper (Smythe) Settlement

Following many weeks of negotiations, The LWRA and Sybille Pieper have reached an agreement with regards to the subdivision of her property.

As with any negotiations, neither side got everything they wanted out of the deal. However, we feel we have achieved what we could to protect the lake under the circumstances. 

Revitalization of Blueberry Island


Update: We have received approval from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and a permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources to proceed with the in-water phase. This follows the previous MNR approval of the signage and on-shore replanting phase.

How often should I pump my septic system tank?

 How often you need your septic system pumped depends upon the use it gets and the size of the tank. The following table is a good guideline, although specific systems and circumstances may vary. For example, a garbage disposal system increases the load by approximately 30%, meaning the system must be pumped more often.

Waseosa SnowCam

Wondering what the back roads and driveways look like today?

WaseosaCam 2

An alternate live snapshot view of Waseosa. This picture was taken the moment you loaded this page.

WaseosaCam 2