Truck Traffic issue

Roads Needs Study -- LWRA submission

The following is the text forwarded to the Town and the Town's consultant in this study. Following are photos (Courtesy: Ken Parsons) that were distributed at the public meeting on Wednesday June 22: 

Truck Traffic Diversion -- Presentation to Public Works Committee re: Stahl's Road upgrade.

The following is the text of our presentation to the Public Works and Protective Services Committee on Dec. 6, 2011.


An Open Letter to Council

Dear Mayor and Councillors:

How public is public?

Update -- Open Letter to Council

In response to our open letter to the Huntsville Council concerning the matter of the public meeting to discuss the Stahls Road issues, we have received an apology from the mayor and the committee chair.  We are pleased to put the issues related to that earlier meeting behind us, and are looking forward to a full and open discussion of the issues in the new year.


Public Meeting re Stahl's Road extension -- February 7, 2012

The meeting was very well attended by residents from both the N. Waseosa/ Jessop Lane and Stahl's Road neighbourhoods. While Chair Det Schumacher initially indicated a 3 minute time limit per person would apply, the rule was not enforced. This led to a frank and open discussion about the safety issues with truck traffic on either road as well as quarry operations in general. All parties were very respectful of each other's positions, even where they disagreed in the details. And very good points were raised by both those for and those against this proposal.

Huntsville Forester article -- Stahl's Road public meeting

The following was published in the March 7, 2012 edition of the Huntsville Forester .

(Note: the LWRA presentation can be found here. )

 Concerns voiced over proposal for Stahls Road

By Alison Brownlee

North Waseosa Lakes Trail

Great Lakes Guardian

North Waseosa Lakes Trail Public Meeting Minutes

North Waseosa Lakes Trail Public Meeting

Location: 82 N. Waseosa Lake Rd.

Time: 19h00

Chair: Bruce Howlett, Lakes Steward, LWRA



Representing the LWRA Executive:

Roxy Bickell-Talbot, Vice President

Dwayne Verhey, Secretary

Bill Somers, Treasurer

Representing the Town of Huntsville:

Brian Thompson, Huntsville District Councillor, District of Muskoka

            John Davis, Town Councillor (Chaffey Ward), Town of Huntsville

Representing area landowners:

Safer Hwy 11 Muskoka

Safer Hwy. 11 Muskoka is a group formed to revive provincial promises to upgrade dangerous level crossings of Hwy 11 between Bracebridge and Huntsville. In a letter to the LWRA, they note: