Treasure Island Public documents.

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This is a collection of public documents filed with the Town and others as part of the development application process.

2018 Application:

Z-66-2018 & B-76-2018 Application Package.pdf  -- The application package submitted to the Town. Includes Planning  and Scoped Environmental Reports.

Z66 B76 notice FINAL.pdf -- The notice posted by the Town

TownOfHuntsville-TreasureIsland(Waseosa)-6January2019.pdf -- Initial LWRA written response

presentation_to_council_v3.pdf -- LWRA presentation at the Public Meeting

Staff_report_main_body.pdf -- Staff's comments and recommendation

Staff_report_public_comments.pdf -- Written comments received by staff prior to the public meeting

Staff_report_planning_opinion_waterfront_landing.pdf -- Report from Plan Muskoka

2019 Application:

Z-29-2019-HTE--B-44-45-2019-HTE-Notice.pdf -- The notice issued by the Town







Staff_report_Z_29_2019_HTE _ B_44_45_2019_HTE - Ball, Gailits, Rowland - 100 _ 200 Treasure Island, 600 _ 622 N Waseosa Lake Road.pdf -- Staff report and recommendation

LWRA_response_Treasure_Island_Z_29_2019_HTE.pdf -- Written response of the LWRA

LWRA-Presentation-TreasureIsland-11Sept2019.pdf -- LWRA Presentation at the public meeting

dwayne's personal submission.pdf -- Presentation by Dwayne Verhey at the public meeting


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