Lake Plan

2016 Lake Plan

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A Lake Plan is a document that can be submitted to the Town for inclusion in the Town's Official Plan. If approved, the "Policies" section provides lake-specific planning guidance, to complement the Town-wide provisions of the Official Plan. For example, Fairy, Mary, Vernon, Peninsula and Menominee Lakes all have approved lake plans (see Approval happens via an open process for community feedback, and Council vote. 

Lake Specific Addition to the Official Plan for Implementation

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The Town of Huntsville Official Plan provides that:

"8.13.7 Those provisions of the lake plan that are related to municipal planning policy and that may vary from the general provisions of the Huntsville Official Plan are carried forward as specific policies applicable to the Lake."

Herein forms the summary of those lake-specific policies:

8.19  Waseosa Sub-Watershed

8.19.1    Background


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What of the Future?

            Throughout this Lake Plan a number of matters affecting the Muskoka lakes and more particularly the Huntsville area have been identified and highlighted.

            These matters should be of concern to all lake associations, particularly those of the smaller inland lakes since the smaller lakes have certain characteristics that differ from the larger lakes. Among other things, they may be spring fed, with lower or non-existent flushing capabilities and they often have shallower depths.

Carrying Capacity

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Lake Density

The District of Muskoka Official Plan requires that:

"C.3 The growth permitted by the Plan will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the carrying capacity of the natural environment is not significantly affected in the adverse and the development pattern as identified in the Plan is achieved in a fiscally and socially sound manner."

Protection of Environmental, Developmental and Social Elements

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As mentioned earlier, this Lake Plan addresses a number of the goals contained in the Huntsville Unity Plan.

Goal #1:          Environmental Protection: The community will protect, preserve, restore, and enhance the terrestrial and aquatic environments and biodiversity of Huntsville and surrounding area by being responsible stewards of the environment.

Town of Huntsville Zoning By-law

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Huntsville Zoning By-Law

            The Council of the Town of Huntsville passed the new comprehensive zoning by-law at its meeting of June 2, 2008. The LWRA Board of Directors participated in the public input process, guided by the existing Lake Plan, and are pleased that most of our suggestions have been incorporated in the new by-law.

Information and Reports relating to the health of the Lakes

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Trophic Status of Lakes Relating to Water Quality

Water Quality

            The water quality of a lake is often the focus of concerns because it is directly related to recreation, fishing, aquatic vegetation and surface water uses.  It is often a good place to begin when setting lake management goals and objectives.

Common Values, Areas of Concern and Objectives

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Common Values and Areas of Concern

Survey of Residents

The Lake Waseosa Ratepayers' Association carried out a community-based survey to identify the primary values and concerns of the residents. A questionnaire was distributed to obtain their views, clarify their residential use and to obtain their observations with respect to any changes related to activities and development on the lakes. The Questionnaire had a response rate of 38%.

Maps, Reports, Data and Land Use Descriptions

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Maps, Reports and Data


            Lake Waseosa is identified as a small inland cold-water lake located approximately three miles west of Highway 11 within the boundaries, and under the jurisdiction of, the Town of Huntsville in the District of Muskoka.  It is approximately 7 miles (11 km) north of the business district of the Town and is in the Ward of Chaffey, a former municipal township in the District of Muskoka and presently a Ward of the Town.