Summer 2013

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A Message from the President

By Dwayne Verhey, President

This past AGM was a very busy meeting. Starting from the end, Tony Doob and Michael Young both retired from the Board of Directors. I would like to take a moment to thank them both for their years of service and warn them we may still call upon them from time to time. Joining us are new Directors Ambrose Adams and Brian Gray. Ambrose’s cottage is on Jessop (Jingo) Lake, and he joins us at an opportune time to represent those members as we head into the OMB appeal. Brian is a resident of Waseosa and will be taking over the Secretarial duties as I have been shunted to the role of President for the next year.

A considerable amount of time was devoted to the role of the LWRA in development issues. Historically, the Association was formed in part to fight an inappropriate development. Over the years that role faded, but in 2002 the Town asked us to develop a Lake Plan and started asking for advice regarding variance and amendment applications as the “local expertise”. Essentially, the Town asked us to develop rules to meet local conditions and for advice where someone applied to deviate from the rules. (Anything that met the rules was dealt with by the Town alone). The relationship was generally productive and cordial.

That relationship started to change with the election of Mayor Doughty. High staff turnover destroyed any sense of continuity and the new regime has a demonstrated attitude of “any development at any cost”. While we far prefer to work with a property owner – and/or the Town -- to meet their needs and objectives without harm to our mutual interests, the Town has sent a message to developers that anything goes, so why should they bother looking at alternatives?

We have no power of enforcement. When the Town allows our lakes to be placed at risk, our only tool is to appeal to the OMB – a time consuming process we would prefer to avoid. After considerable discussion, the membership confirmed the Board’s mandate and directed the Board to continue our past practice – negotiate if possible, fight if necessary.

Invasive Species

We recently had a close encounter of an invasive kind. One of our sharp eyed residents discovered what was initially thought to be a Round Goby – a species with the potential to devastate the native fish population. From photos he took, the MNR was able to determine that while it was not a native species, it was fortunately not a Round Goby.

But this incident highlights the need for caution. Here are a few ways you can help stop the spread of invasive species in Ontario:

  • Fishing? Don’t empty your bait bucket in or near water – it’s against the law.

  • Boating? Wash your boat before you move to another lake or river. (the LWRA carries environmentally friendly boat wash!)

  • Gardening? Plant native species.

  • Camping? Buy firewood locally.

  • Going hiking? Clean visible mud, plants and seeds from your boots and other equipment.

  • Pet fish, turtle or reptile? Don’t release it into the wild and don’t flush dead fish down the toilet. Contact a reptile rescue society like Little RES Q for help.

  • Travelling? Don’t take plants, plant parts, seeds or fruit across borders.

FireSmart Program

Last year a forest fire just south of us required water bombers and the planes were again called to our west this spring. We all love the natural setting surrounding our homes and cottages, but that same setting can be a threat. Following the AGM, the MNR gave a presentation about this new program, and showed us how a forest fire can skip over a properly prepared home. They are interested in working with us to prepare a training program for the Province. In return, they will provide us with an assessment of the area and specific advice for landowners to protect their homes. They would need to take photos, but assure us the photos would be generic, so as not to identify specific locations or individuals.

Fun Day Regatta

Saturday August 3. Noon-3pm, 21 Cottage Lane

Kayak and Canoe Races (Junior and Senior)

Swim Races (Primary, Junior and Senior)

Land Games for Kids and Adults

Hot Dogs and Drinks (free for kids)

Ribbons, Medals and Trophies! What’s not to love?


Bring your own Lawn chairs.

Benthos Testing

Tuesday August 6. 9am to 12pm, 652 N. Waseosa Lk. Rd.

Bring your own eyes, but magnifying glasses are supplied.


 Corn Roast

Saturday August 31. Noon –4pm 1346 S. Waseosa Lk. Rd.

Corn $0; Hot dogs or drinks $1; Hamburgers $2, Sausage, $3

Pot luck dessert table (donations requested)

Raffle tickets $1 ea. or $5 for an arm’s length (gently used donations for the prize table requested)


Bring your own Lawn chairs.

 *Fine Print: "All" Means Everybody. Members, non-Members, Family, Guests, Friends and Relatives. Backlot Residents, People from Palette, Ripple, Jessop or Waseosa. Even Clark. Old or Young, ANYBODY can come! But no pets, please.


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