Summer 2010

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A Message from the President

By John Forder, President

So Long, and thanks for all the fish.


A Message from the Vice-President

By Dwayne Verhey, Secretary/VP

As you probably know, John and his wife moved for health reasons. They originally planned to be here until August, but the closing date was moved up and they left earlier than expected. Good luck and best wishes in your new home John and Liz!


Of course, this leaves us with a vacancy on the Board. Since the AGM is coming in less than a month, the Board has decided not to appoint a Director, and will wait for the membership to elect one. Of course, that means that we need willing nominees, and you might well be the person we are looking for!


The Board of Directors meets as needed. The meeting times and dates are flexible to accommodate the Directors. Upon occasion, Board members have even €œattended€ a meeting by telephone or internet. The Board elects the Officers from amongst its members and the officers normally handle the day-to-day business of the Association. Other Directors may take charge of specific tasks or committees. Of course, in our small Association, the Directors are often the directed, and handle many of the tasks (like shopping for the Corn Roast or Fun Day medals) themselves.


Because we are a RATEPAYERS’ association covering the entire area, our focus needs to be more generalized than a cottagers’ association focused on just one lake. Ideally, this means that we should have Directors from all areas. Of course, as Waseosa waterfront lots constitute the majority of properties, the largest pool of potential Directors are Waseosa residents. Currently, 3 Directors are from Waseosa, 1 from Palette and John was from Ripple, which gave a measure of balance. If you own a Back-lot, Ripple, Palette and/or Jessop property, we strongly urge you to consider throwing your name in the hat (that does not exclude Waseosa residents from running).


Upcoming Dates and Events

AGM: Saturday, July 10 at 9:30am sharp.

Please note that we have a new venue this year:

59 Cottage Lane -- at the northwest end of Waseosa (This is the Dales' residence. Cottage Ln. is off North Waseosa Lake Road). The owners have graciously placed their large driving shed at our disposal in case of rain €“ there is no excuse not to attend! Onsite parking is unfortunately at a premium, so please park next door at 21 Cottage Lane unless you have difficulty walking a few hundred yards. This will conserve on-site parking for our older members. Similarly, those coming by boat can tie up or beach at 21 Cottage Lane to conserve dock space for others. Thanks for your understanding.


PCOC Course: Sunday, July 18th, 10am. 70 Hunts Road. Pre-registration is required! Call Bill or Dwayne.


Fun Day: Saturday, July 31, 12 noon. 858 North Waseosa Lake Road (The Hamilton's residence). All are welcome to attend!


Benthos Testing: Monday, August 9, 9:00am 652 N. Waseosa Lake Road. The more, the merrier!


Corn Roast: Saturday, September 4, 2010 from 1 to 4pm. 1346 S. Waseosa Lake Road (the West Residence)


New Cleaner added to the lineup!

We have added a fifth product to the line of environmentally friendly cleaners from Lord & Partners. Skone bilge cleaner and degreaser is safe to wash your boat with in and around our fragile lakes. Dilute up to 10:1. (Incidentally, during our product testing we found it makes an excellent engine degreaser as well and can be used to clean up oil spots spilled on a garage floor.) Call Dwayne or email to order.


We have received several requests for a dishwasher detergent and are discussing that option with L&P. We are also looking into their laundry detergent. We should have more information available in time for the AGM.


2009 AGM Minutes and 2010 AGM Agenda Online

Members who have registered with the website can view the Unapproved 2009 AGM minutes on our website in advance of the meeting.


There is some confusion between registration for the website and subscribing to the e-mail announcement list. Anyone can subscribe to the announcement list through the link on the LWRA website, but that is not the same as registering with the website. These are two separate systems. Everyone subscribed to the announcement list will receive all of our public announcements. If you change your e-mail address, you should register the new one on the system. If your e-mail account rejects our messages 5 times in a row, the account will be deleted from the system.


Registering on the website is different. Registering allows LWRA members to access features that are not available to the general public. For example, unapproved AGM minutes are considered confidential and kept private, but members must be able to review them prior to approving them so bona fide members can view these documents.


There is also an intermediate level of access for family members that allows some additional access. For example, we don’t want just any Tom, Dick or Harry posting things in our classified ads section, but your children should be able to create a €œLost and Found€ ad when they forget to tie up your boat properly. 


All registrations are confirmed and activated manually before access is granted. If inaccurate, incomplete or insufficient information is provided, the account is deleted. We regret that this is necessary but there are many unscrupulous individuals seeking ways to exploit unprotected websites. We delete at least one attempt from an overseas address claiming to be a full LWRA member every day. We don’t think that many eastern Europeans and Nigerians own property in this area.


Blueberry Island Restoration Project

The Friends of Blueberry report that they planted over 200 saplings (white pine and red oak) on the island this past Victoria Day weekend. They found that most of last year’s plantings seem to have survived, excepting some of the larger spruce. Members of that committee will be visiting the island from time to time to water the plants (if required -- Mother Nature has been doing a good job so far!) but we remind everyone else to stay off the island during the moratorium to give the plants a chance. The next phase will be the in-water work, which will commence after the spawning season in mid-July.


Benthos Testing

This year we are moving to a new site. The testing for this site will be done in August, providing a broader picture of the lake’s health. It also means more members can participate. This is a great opportunity to work with a professional biologist and learn more about the life in our lakes.




General Release