Strasburg - 1322 South Waseosa Lk Rd

Lake Waseosa Ratepayers’ Association

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April 1, 2012

Sean O’Callaghan

Deputy Secretary-Treasurer

Huntsville Committee of Adjustment
37 Main Street East,
Huntsville, Ontario
P1H 1A1


Re: A/02/2012/HTE - Strasburg - 1322 South Waseosa Lk Rd




We have reviewed the above application and talked with the property owner, Jeff Strasburg, and have the following comments:


1)     Although there will be a visual impact on the shoreline vista, the actual impact is slight and can be mitigated through appropriate landscaping and exterior finish.

2)     The existing cottage is very small. It is reasonable of the owners to want a larger cottage and necessary to accommodate their growing family. The proposed total size is modest, in keeping with other cottages on the lake and consistent with the 2010 edition of the Lake Plan.

3)     Alternative locations for the addition are problematic. In particular, placing the addition behind the existing cottage appears to be precluded by the placement of the current septic bed.

4)     At first glance, it would be preferable to build the addition on the south side, away from the creek but this may not be practical or possible architecturally given the intended use and existing interior layout. The impact of locating the addition on the north side of the building is somewhat mitigated as it replaces existing hard landscaping in that area.

5)     From speaking with the owner, it is our understanding that the addition will provide for larger bedrooms to accommodate extended family as well as an additional washroom. The proposed addition will extend over the existing septic tank(s). The owner therefore intends to replace at least the tank(s) with a modern septic tank in a new location.

6)     From speaking with the owner, the consultant, Riverstone Environmental Solutions, is not qualified to investigate and comment on the septic system.

7)     Having read the various reports, and considering the increased potential occupancy, we have no objection to the addition being allowed on the conditions that:

a.      That the applicant undertakes to replace the existing septic tank(s) with a new one certified by a competent party as being of adequate capacity for the proposed occupancy and approved for use in a class 4 sewage system in accordance with the Ontario Building Code.

b.     That the existing leaching bed be inspected by a competent party to determine that it is in good shape, adequately sized and situated to serve as part of the upgraded septic system, OR that it be replaced with a new leaching bed designed or approved by a competent party as required for use in a class 4 sewage system.

c.      That the applicant demonstrates that any new septic system components (including the new tank, new bed if necessary, pumping chamber if required and associated distribution piping) can be placed in a suitable location in full compliance with all required setbacks as stipulated in the Ontario Building Code tables and (2) and slopes as stipulated in

d.     That natural vegetation be placed as proposed in the application and an undertaking to maintain both the new plantings and existing natural vegetation (with the exception of that vegetation necessarily removed to permit construction and any new septic system components) be made part of the site plan registered on title.

e.      That reference to the current (2011 edition) of the Lake Plan, sections and, be made when considering exterior finish and lighting of the addition (and preferably the front of the existing cottage) such that, to the extent possible, it will blend with the landscape and minimize overall impact on the vista.





Per: LWRA Board of Directors


Dwayne Verhey, Secretary

Lake Waseosa Ratepayers’ Association

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705-788-9126 (fax)


cc: Jeff Strasburg

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