Spring/Summer 2012

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Cottage Rules

Roxanne Bickell-Talbot, Membership Chair

One way seasonal residents may defray their costs is by renting out their cottage when they are not using it themselves. But do your guests know what to expect?

The Cottage Rules are an important part of the terms and conditions of your cottage rental. It is best think out what guests need to know and have written rules available to your guests in advance. Human nature says that they might read the rules when anticipating their vacation, but will probably not if they don't see the rules until after they arrive. Of course, you should post a reference copy in the cottage anyway.

Some of the topics you may want to cover include: Maximum occupancy, Damage and/or Cleaning deposits, Cancellations, Recreational Equipment,  Waste Disposal, Swimming, Fishing, Electrical power and Heat, Water Source, Bathroom/Septic System, BBQ, Alcohol and Food, Smoking, Television, Telephone, Pets, Local wildlife and insects, Check out time, Cottage property and Cleaning.

Two issues that must be very carefully considered are Boating and Outdoor fires, because you, the property owner, may be held responsible for the actions of your renters.

Finally, give some thought to the community and environment. These people may never have experienced cottage life. They have not been educated about the need for phosphate-free products or how sound carries across the water. It's your job to bring them up to speed, or face angry neighbours on your return! LWRA members can log into the website to view some sample wordings at http://www.lwra.net/cottage_rules


Important Dates this Summer:

Annual General Meeting:  Saturday July 7 at 59 Cottage Lane (Dales residence -- overflow parking at 21 Cottage Lane, Verhey residence). 9:30 AM. Members can log in to the website and review last year's minutes at http://www.lwra.net/AGM_Minutes
Fun Day: Saturday August 4 at 21 Cottage Lane (Verhey residence). 12 noon.
Benthos testing: Thursday August 2 at 652 North Waseosa Lake Road (Howlett residence). 9:00am.
Corn Roast: Saturday  September 1. 1346 South Waseosa Lake Road (West residence). Noon - 4pm




By Dwayne Verhey, Secretary

So much goes on around here that there's no room for in separate articles. This past winter we held the 2nd Annual Winter Social & Family Fun Day. The weather cooperated this year and a truly wonderful time was had by all. If anything, the ice was too slippery!  It was also a great introduction to two families that have just moved to the area.

In March we were nominated for a Technology Achievement Award, in the category of Best E-Business Customer Service. We were edged out by Gem Thane Wood Systems, but it was an honour to be nominated.

The Ministry of Natural Resources stocked Waseosa with rainbow trout this past November. They were not fin clipped. The otters and ducks had a feast, It is very important to report trout catches, to the LWRA so we can justify further stocking in the future.

The Board was approached by an area resident who needed to add some floor space but the existing property and cottage did not meet the requirements of the Official Plan and Zoning By-laws. Working with the owner, we verified the development would meet the spirit of the Lake Plan and suggested measures to ensure the environment and vistas would not be impacted. This satisfied both the Town & property owner and the application was approved.

A reminder that the OPP do visit our lakes occasionally. Last year, following the AGM, several people where boarded for safety inspections. Have at least the required safety equipment on board at all times. That includes kayaks and canoes too - you don't need an Operator's Card, but you still need lifejackets, bailer and a whistle, even near shore.

Stahl's Road Extension

Looking for ways to alleviate the dangerous truck traffic situation on North Waseosa / Jessop Lane, we have made several and repeated presentations to the Town. We participated in the Roads Needs Study and when Greens Haulage offered to fund the extension of Stahl's Road as an alternate route, we supported the plan as an effective private/public partnership. Understandably, most residents of Stahl's Road opposed the plan.

Over the course of two public meetings, it was apparent that both sides respected the position of the other side and that both sides had legitimate concerns. In the end, the approval process of crossing the rail lines, pipeline right of way and highway access proved to be too much red tape and Green's withdrew their offer. So in a sense, we are back at square one.

The one bright light is that we are definitely on the radar now. The councilors have all toured the road and now understand just how dangerous it is for residents and large trucks alike. We have to keep up the pressure and make sure they don't forget about us. If Stahl's Road is not an option, then the Town must bring N. Waseosa up to an acceptable standard.


Dwayne Verhey, Secretary

This year the terms of Paul Keighley and myself expire. I personally have served on the board for 6 years now, (5 as Secretary). While I will happily continue to assist the Board in whatever manner they see fit, I would be just as happy to see some new blood take my place as a Director. Not counting Paul and I, we go into these elections with one Director from Palette, one from a back-lot and one cottager from Waseosa. Obviously Waseosa has the largest population to draw from, but it has been a few years since we saw a face from Ripple or Jingo/Jessop on the Board. How about it? Have YOU served your community lately? Contact any Director for more information.



Roxanne Bickell-Talbot, Membership Chair

Live here year round? Feeling sticker shock from your Hydro bill? Look at your property's designation and verify it is accurate!

On page 2 of your Hydro One bill, it will indicate "Your service type is" -- either seasonal or residential.  There is a substantial difference depending on this designation.  Seasonal is more costly; if your property is your primary residence the delivery fee is reduced substantially!  Check the Hydro One website and use this link to the form to change your designation:

http://www.hydroone.com/MyHome/MyAccount/Service/Forms/Declaration Form Year-Round Residential Rate Status.pdf

(use this specific link as it is very difficult to find this information when accessing the Hydro One website)

Music, Fireworks and Other Loud Noises

Anyone who has been here for a season has noticed how even quiet dockside conversations on the other side of the lake carry across the water. Of course, the problem gets worse as the volume goes up!


Certain sounds are warmly associated with lakeside life – the sound of the loons calling each other, children splashing and playing, the wind rustling the leaves on a breezy day. Other sounds are somewhat more controversial. One person may like Bach, another prefers the Smashing Pumpkins, a third finds solace in the Beach Boys. Fireworks are another controversial issue. They have been a traditional way of celebrating for centuries and are closely associated with certain holidays – notably Victoria Day and Canada Day. But they are really not much fun unless you fire them off after sunset – the late evening when other people are trying to enjoy the peaceful stillness of the night.


Most residents understand that we live together and have to respect each other. Guests and renters may not be aware of these issues, so it is up to us to educate them. A good guideline is the conversational tone of voice – if one cannot hold a conversation over the music without raising one’s voice, then the music is probably too loud, especially in the evening. So wear a pair of headphones while you strum along to Johnny B. Goode on the air guitar! Similarly, limit fireworks to those described in the Explosives Act as “low hazard generally used for recreation”: showers, fountains, golden rain, lawn lights, Roman candles, volcanoes and sparklers. If your guests are eager for the loud high hazard fireworks, that's fine -- direct them to the public displays in town where they can enjoy the really big ones.


The town noise by-law limits most noise between 11pm and 7am (some types of noise, like fireworks, music and shouting differ). If you have a special event, (such as a wedding) you can apply to Council for a one-time exemption. For more information please see http://www.lwra.net/noise_bylaw


On the other side of the coin, if you are still irritated by common sounds, ask yourself this “Am I turning into the old crank down the street who used to hassle me when I was young?” Take a cue from the youth of today: buy an I-pod with noise-cancelling earphones and listen to whatever you like.



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