Spring 2009

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A Message from the President

By Bruce Howlett, President

Muskoka has done it to us again. Over 16’ of snow this year! The record is just over 18’. As of the date of this writing, the lake is still frozen and the snow banks are still in place.

In an attempt to involve more of the residents as part of the association this year, we have accompanied the newsletter with either a membership application or an invoice for dues. Being involved in our association allows your voice to be heard at the town and district regarding issues relating to Palette, Jessop, Ripple and Waseosa Lakes. The effective date for dues payment is Jan 1 of each year and to date only 18 members have paid. Please send your cheque to our treasurer at the supplied address.

We will again be offering a Pleasure Craft Operator Card certification course. Last year 26 persons were successful in achieving accreditation through our program. Course dates are provided elsewhere in the newsletter, so sign up!

I would urge all of those who have internet access to visit the LWRA website, www.lwra.net, to keep informed as to what your executive is involved with on your behalf as well as interesting submissions relating to our lakes activities.

The AGM this year is July 11th and elections will be conducted for three directors whose terms have expired. Think about who you would like to nominate and be present to exercise your vote. Remember your dues must be current to receive a ballot. We will also be taking a vote on what should and can be done about preserving Blueberry Island.

The issue relating to the Pieper severance is expected to come before another public meeting in May. When this is confirmed by the Town we will advise everyone through our LWRA web and e-mail announcement service.

Please take note of the dates for the fun day and our corn roast. A huge amount of effort goes into these events and we would hope that everyone who can possibly attend, be there. Remember, we are all volunteers so please support all of our planned activities. These events are not restricted to members only. If you have company on these dates please bring them as well, we welcome all...

The Camp Huronda expansion which the LWRA supported was approved by council in February. Construction of the Lions Creative Centre (new craft shop) has commenced. Construction will take place in the off-season over several years. As information about the construction schedule is obtained we will pass along the info.

High Speed Internet Status

By Dwayne Verhey, Secretary

Wireless high-speed internet service is now up and running! I can’t think of a single issue that has meant as much to both our back-lot members and our water-front members. After frustrating construction delays due to weather conditions, the tower went live on February 3. Yes, that is several months behind our original forecast but still way ahead of most other areas. The Huntsville Lakes Council and Muskoka Community Networks were invaluable resources in our efforts. And the survey our members completed went a long way to convincing the powers that be to bump us up on the list. Service can be arranged through either of the local providers: Surenet (705-788-7873) or Vianet (705-788-0983). Both providers have customers on the system now. Complete details about service and pricing are available on our website at http://www.lwra.net/HS_Internet_Options.

On Monday, March 9 at 6:10pm, the radio equipment was stolen from the tower. Anyone with information should contact the OPP. The equipment was replaced and service restored by 1:21am. (kudos to Core for great service there!) The tower has now been equipped with wireless camera equipment, recording remotely, to identify any further intruders. Seasonal residents could use the same technology to monitor the cottage from home. Many models of wireless webcams include motion-sensing for recording and e-mail alerts. Wireless webcams cost more than a regular webcam, but don’t need a computer.

 Speaking of webcams, we’ve added a webcam to our “Current Conditions ” page on the website so seasonal residents can quickly see up-to-the minute conditions.

Benthos Testing

By Bruce Howlett, Lakes Steward

We will again be participating in the District’s Benthos Monitoring program and we will need volunteers to help us count bugs. One morning we go out with a graduate student biologist and gather samples of mud from the lake bottom at selected locations. Then we all gather to extract the tiny larvae using magnifying glasses and tweezers so the biologist can identify the species and count the number of bugs per volume of muck. Gee, put that way it sounds kind of disgusting, but it’s really a lot of fun and an educational morning and contributes to valuable knowledge about lake conditions.

 We are waiting for the District to hire this year’s intern so we can set a date, but traditionally this is done sometime in May. We will send out a call for volunteers by e-mail when the date is confirmed.

Having a large gathering this year?

Can your septic system handle the increased, umm, flow? The LWRA PortaPotty is available for use by local residents. Free for members, only $25 per weekend for non-members.

Why not have a corn roast? The LWRA’s giant corn roast pot is also available for use by members Book either for your event now! secretary@lwra.net or 788-3693.

Membership and Dues

The LWRA is a volunteer organization. The Directors don’t get paid, but we do still have expenses. From liability insurance to hot dogs for Fun Day; postage, printing, website, St. Johns’ Ambulance, trophies, ribbons and medals. It all costs money. We even have to pay our own dues – to the Huntsville Lakes Council and the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations. So, we need you to pay your dues too. Help protect your investment and enhance your enjoyment by supporting the LWRA. Together we are a strong and respected voice in the community.

2009 Annual General Meeting and other Dates

The AGM is scheduled for Saturday July 11, 2009. We have not yet been able to confirm the location. As you know our host of the last few years, Ray Jones, passed away last November so we may need to find a new site for the AGM.

PCOC Course: Sunday July 26.

Fun Day: Saturday August 1

Corn Roast: Saturday September 5.

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products

In the interests of protecting our lakes, the LWRA continues to offer environmentally responsible cleaning products from local manufacturer Lord & Partners at wholesale cost. The products we have available are:

  • Apple Safety Bowl. A bio-degradable bathroom cleaner.
  • Hair & Body Soap. Replace your bar soap with a pump dispenser and refill with this product. Less mess and easy on the lake.
  • Multi Clean. A scouring cleaner. Dilute with water for spraying or light cleaning.
  • Super Green. A biodegradable general purpose non-scouring cleaner. This is their flagship product. Dilute up to 150:1, depending on use.



These are all excellent products that are EcoLogo approved and economical at only $12.00 per litre bottle! E-mail secretary@lwra.net or call Dwayne at 788-3693 to purchase.

For more information about each of these products, see our website at http://www.lwra.net/LP_Products.

PCOC (“Boat License”) Course

By Dwayne Verhey, Secretary

This is the last summer you can drive your boat without “the license”. And then only if you were born before April 1, 1983 and only if your boat is more than 4 meters (13’) long. After September 15 of this year all persons of any age operating any motorized watercraft (including a canoe with an electric motor or a sailboat under power) must hold a PCOC or risk a $250 fine.

We will again be offering two ways to get your Pleasure Craft Operator Card this year. First, you can simply challenge the test. If you pass, you get the card. You can study for free at our partner’s website: www.freecourse.ca. Second, you can take the course and write the test. We will be offering the full course on Sunday, July 26 (that’s the weekend before Fun Day). There will be a limit of 16 persons, so book now. If there is sufficient demand, we will hold a second course later in the year. Children age 8 and up will be accepted.


Members & Family


Test Only

$15.00 ea.

$25.00 ea.

Course and test

$25.00 ea.

$45.00 ea.



$5.00 ea.

Replacement Card

$13.00 ea.

$18.00 ea.

(For comparison, BoaterExam charges $50 for the exam alone and $85 for the course and test. Each person.)

If you have already been certified by another provider: photocopy your card and keep the photocopy in a safe place. We can replace your card, no matter who issued it, if it is ever lost or damaged, but we need proof. Other providers charge up to $30 for a replacement card

To challenge the test, call Bill Somers (705-788-2015) or Dwayne Verhey (705-788-3693) to arrange a mutually convenient time. To book a seat in the full course, e-mail secretary@lwra.net or call Dwayne at 705-788-3693.

The LWRA Trout Derby is now on!

To be eligible, the fish must be caught in one of our four lakes (Ripple, Palette, Jessop or Waseosa) between January 1st and July 31st of 2009. The winners will be the longest trout (measured from tip to tail). You will need to submit a photograph showing the length, (eg: photograph it against a ruler or tape measure) and include your name and age, the date/time and the approximate location where you caught it. Please report all catches to fishcommittee@lwra.net

 Trophies will be awarded at the Annual Corn Roast for each age category: Junior (14 and under) and Senior (Over 14).


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