Royston Changes His Story

Submitted by lwrawebmaster on Sun, 12/15/2019 - 12:59

At the OMB review hearing, the chair noted that Royston and Burton (Pieper's lawyer) were obviously in cahoots.

At the Divisional Court hearing, Royston spoke for several hours in support of the applicant's proposal -- longer than even Burton. It was so blatant that our lawyer likened Burton to the "caboose" on the District train.

Royston now claims that he had nothing to do with directing the course of events.  And immediately sets forth a long diatribe about the applicability of the precautionary principle (The original fax actually ran 22 pages, but we have deleted the long list of attached reports and decisions related to the precautionary principle) before directing Burton how to argue that issue.

In the third paragraph he states that Muskoka has "correctly and fully incorporated precautionary principles" yet in the second last paragraph he says that Muskoka "has not yet decided which single version of precautionary principle, if any, it prefers"

We have yet to figure out how to incorporate something before deciding on which one to incorporate.  Or if one is even to be incorporated.


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