Revitalization of Blueberry Island


Update: We have received approval from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and a permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources to proceed with the in-water phase. This follows the previous MNR approval of the signage and on-shore replanting phase.

Pursuant to the resolution passed at the 2009 AGM, the "Friends of Blueberry Island" working committee has developed a recovery and revitalization plan for Blueberry Island. As long-term residents will know, Blueberry is gradually being denuded, and virtually all young plantlife has been trampled into oblivion from constant traffic.

To facilitate the replanting process, Blueberry Island will be closed to visitors effective August 11, 2009 for a period of two years. This will allow the newly plants time to establish themselves. As time progresses, the committee will be asking for volunteers to assist with such projects as replanting, clean-up of the surrounding waters and so forth.

None of us want to give up our visits to this little gem, but if we don't take action now, there won't be anything for our children to visit in the future. We ask you to respect this effort and refrain from landing on the island except when working with the committee on active rehabilitation projects.

Thankyou for your co-operation.

For more information, or to join in our efforts, please contact:

Jim Edwards (Committee Chair) 789-3140
Bruce Howlett (Lake Steward) 789-0542