PCOC Testing Available Again

We are pleased to announce that we are back in the PCOC testing business. Now that the backlog of mail following the strike has finally eased, we received our new exams yesterday and can once again offer this service.

The fee for members is $15.00 per person. This includes family members -- and we are pretty liberal about that definition! It includes anyone who regularly operates a boat on one of our lakes. The fee for non-members and their families is $25.

Note that under the new testing protocol that went in effect this March, written paper exams are the only way to challenge the new 50 question test. Internet testing can only be conducted as part of a review course now and will take several hours to complete.

As we did not have the new material and could not be certain when it would arrive, we did not schedule a full course for this year. We can do so if there is sufficient interest. Alternatively, you can brush up on your knowledge by taking the free on-line course on our partner's website: www.freecourse.ca (there is also a downloadable/printable study guide on that site).

To book a test, call Bill Somers (705-788-2015) or Dwayne Verhey (705-788-3693) to arrange a mutually convenient time.

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