OMB Decision

Submitted by lwrawebmaster on Mon, 12/16/2019 - 11:52

Attached please find the OMB order resolving this matter. Key points:

The Board orders the appeal of the Lake Waseosa Ratepayers' Association to be allowed in pad. The Board further authorizes the requested minor variances for the property municipally known as #844 North Waseosa Lake Road, Huntsville, being part
of lots 1 1 and 12, concession 12 in the former Township of Chaffey, now in the Town of Huntsville, that is, the subject lands, to permit a front yard setback of 17.5 m and lot coverage (principal) of 6.5% subject to the following conditions:
1. A Site Plan Agreement between the Respondents (that is, Mr. wright, Ms. Wright, Mr. Jager and Ms. Jager) and the Town of Huntsville shall be concluded and registered on title to the Subject Lands which Site Plan Agreement shall include the following terms:
a. a defined 25% amenity area along the shoreline;
b. stormwater management and construction mitigation plan: and
c. the shoreline buffer area and riparian line zone outside the allowed waterfront activity area shall be remediated and
maintained utilizing native planting.

All as shall be to the satisfaction of the Town of Huntsville.

2. The main dwelling shall be constructed as in the form of a bungalow with a walk out basement, substantially in accordance with the design, height and footprint indicated in the sketches attached to the Minutes of Settlement filed as Exhibit 2 in this Proceeding, which sketches, together with the Sketch for Site Plan Purposes dated May 29th, 2012 prepared by Tulloch Engineering found at Exhibit 2,Tab 17 in the Document Book filed as Exhibit 1 in this Proceeding, shall be incorporated into the Site Plan Agreement.

3. The second dwelling shall not expand beyond its existing height, size or footprint.

4. The Site Plan Agreement shall contain a term and condition that no private cabin (i.e. a third structure) will be permitted on the subject lands.

5. The Respondents will remove the outhouse, pump house and the one red garage that has no floor.

6. Both dwellings shall be serviced by single septic system which is incapable of being severed or separated.


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