In Memorium

This page is dedicated to the memory of those former residents from the LWRA area who have psssed away.  If you are aware of someone you feel should be included, please notify me through our contact page under the category "Memorium".


Tip Logan and Helen - Lake Waseosa

Ray Jones - Lake Waseosa

George Johannes - Palette Lake

Bernard Field - Palette Lake 

Viola Hunt - Palette Lake

Will and Lizzy Hunt - Palette Lake

John and Lillian Hunt - Palette Lake

Isabelle Porter - Palette Lake

Doug Raisbeck - Lake Waseosa

Greg Munce - Lake Waseosa 

Mary and Jack Wilson -

Norm Shaw - Lake Waseosa

Brent Healy - Palette Lake

Albert and Grace Hunt - Palette Lake

George and Gertrude Hunt - Palette Lake

Davida Robinson-Cooke - Palette Lake

Mike Zabolotney - Palette Lake

Onufry and Violet Hunt - Palette Lake

Cliff and Marjory Simpson - Palette Lake

Harold and Evelyn Rayment - Palette Lake

Alphonse Lessard - Palette Lake

Diane Howlett - Lake Waseosa

Bill Norton - Lake Waseosa

Ivan Cryderman - Lake Waseosa

Stan and Marjorie Kingston - Lake Waseosa

Audrey Patterson - Lake Waseosa

Berle Munroe - Ripple Lake

Carman Faubert - Ripple Lake

John Hunt - Palette Lake

Gladys Jones - Palette Lake

Bernice Pendzay - Palette Lake

Frank and Ella McNeil - Lake Waseosa

George and Rita Harris - Lake Waseosa

Peter Harris - Lake Waseosa

Grenville Hall - Lake Waseosa

John Voges - Lake Waseosa

Wayne Knights - Lake Waseosa

Audrey and Harold Wright - Lake Waseosa

Bill Trenwith - Lake Waseosa

Joyce Troyer - Jingo Lake

Mr Fowler and wife - Jingo Lake

David Robinson-Cooke

Richard Harris - Lake Waseosa