LWRA events during the state of emergency.

Submitted by lwrawebmaster on Wed, 06/03/2020 - 12:03

As the covid-19 crisis has evolved, it has become clear that it cannot be “business as usual” for the LWRA this summer. The provincial government has extended the state of emergency and as of this date, gatherings of more than 5 persons are still prohibited.

Your Board of Directors has been meeting (via teleconference) and brainstorming acceptable solutions. We have decided that the AGM will proceed in a virtual environment, via teleconference and leveraging our website (www.lwra.net) to enable all to attend from the comfort and safety of home.

Recognizing that not everyone has reliable internet or telephone service at their cottage, we have decided to hold the meeting on a weekday evening: Wed. July 8 at 7:30 pm.  

The teleconference will be via a toll-free phone number (further details to follow). Reports of committees will be posted on the website. Any recorded votes will be via the website, which is set up to restrict certain features to members only. THEREFORE IT IS IMPORTANT that members who have forgotten their passwords or never bothered to register in the first place take the time NOW to ensure they can log in, so we can assist if required. DO NOT LEAVE THIS TO THE LAST MINUTE!!!

If you forgot your password, visit https://www.lwra.net/user/password for an automated reset. If you need to register for the first time, visit https://www.lwra.net/user/register If you have problems with the system, contact secretary@lwra.net for assistance.

In accordance with the LWRA by-laws, only paid-up members have voice and vote at the AGM. Dues are payable January 1 of each year, but of course we have traditionally accepted them at the start of the meeting. This year, to prevent any accusation of voting fraud, we need time to adjust the records to ensure appropriate access on the website. Please see https://www.lwra.net/annual-dues for further information.  

Fun Day: Similarly, we will not be able to safely hold the traditional events. Director Katarina Simons and our new Fun Day Co-ordinator Tammy Coulson are working on some socially-distanced alternatives. Ideas include a boat parade and a lake-wide scavenger hunt. Again, further details to follow as they are solidified.  

Corn Roast: It is still a bit early to decide if this can still be held, or require some sort of modified form, or be cancelled altogether. The Board will be following the situation closely to ensure that any decision is consistent with public health recommendations.

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