Flooding -- 2019

The spring thaw is an annual event that often causes localized flooding in some areas. However, this year has been particularly wet and flood waters are reaching levels last seen in the memorable 2013 flood, when even Hwy 11 was covered. Many Huntsville area roads are closed, and significant low-lying sections of downtown are flooded.


Rain resumed yesterday and continued overnight. The LWRA lake level sensor that monitors the height of Waseosa is now submerged. The lakes are still covered with ice and some snow remains in the bush, plus there is more rain in the forecast so it is possible that waters will continue to rise. It may become necessary to disconnect power from some areas due to flooding, which would disable sump pumps for affected properties.

Update: As of Apr 24, 19:30 water levels in our area seem to have peaked. Waseosa water level has remained stable for the last several hours. Water continues to rise in town.

The Town of Huntsville website has some informational pages for residents:

For sandbag information click here.

For road closure information click here.

For news releases click here.


Fun Day beach flooded

The beach used for the Annual LWRA Fun Day, showing rising flood waters. 

For more pictures, see https://lwra.net/gallery/v/Flood_2019/