Final Fish Netting Results in Waseosa

Members will recall that the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry conducted a fish netting survey in August 2015, to evaluate the state of our fish populations. We published a brief initial summary of their findings last fall, in advance of their final report. The full report has now been produced, and is attached. 

The report describes the characteristics of the lake (" ... a small lake ... of intermediate depth ... oligotrophic, having moderately low fertility, ...heavily developed with over 130 shoreline properties ..."), and also describes the long history of fish records and fish stocking. In the current netting survey, the MNRF caught 238 fish of six species (Splake, Cisco, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, White Sucker and Yellow Perch). No brook trout or lake trout were caught in this survey, although the report notes that these may still persist in small numbers. 

The report concludes: "In summary, Waseosa has been stocked for over 70 years with four different species of trout in order to create a fishery supported by the available cold water habitat. Unfortunately, the natural limitations of the amount and quality of habitat, presence of a high density population of native cisco, the introduction of two species of bass and inadequate public access in combination have resulted in a failure to create a significant fishery. If the most recent variation, stocking fall yearling Splake, fails to produce a tangible improvement, no further stocking should be considered.  "

The report also suggests that local angler reports of catches are important inputs to determine if, and how, any future stocking should be done. We therefore urge members to report catches, particularly of the less common species, to the LWRA (via Particularly if you catch Brook or Lake Trout, a picture would also help (of the fish, although feel free to join the picture if it's a big one!) Further, if anyone wants to serve as a coordinator for fish reporting, please let us know.