District Involvement

Submitted by lwrawebmaster on Sun, 12/15/2019 - 12:07

Originally the District of Muskoka said they had no interest in being a "Party" to the proceedings. (Under the OMB rules, Parties must establish their interest in advance of the hearing.)

But on the first day of the original OMB hearing Judi Brouse showed up, bringing along consultant Niel Hutcheson and asked for status as "Freinds of the Court". There is no such provisionin the OMB forum, but they were granted a role as "Participants". This group became to be known as the "Panel of Experts" in subsequent documents.

The LWRA was surprised that this group, supposedly charged with protecting Muskoka's watersheds, seemed to take a stance favouring the developer. As time when on, that surprise grew to shock and dismay. This book will document the Districts growing involvement in the Pieper application.

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