Benthos Testing Results

This year's sampling sites, near Bear Island at the south end of Waseosa, were last tested in 2009. A total of 348 small aquatic invertebrates were sampled, representing 14 different species. Most of the readings were similar to the 2009 tests, and also reasonably close to an average of 35 Muskoka Lakes. One reading did drop noticeably: the percentage of 'bugs' made up of pollution-sensitive species (such as dragonflies, damsilflies and caddisflies) fell from 53 to 22%. This can happen in response to stress caused by human activities. We should not panic at one low reading (which may be a 'blip', rather than a trend), however we should also remain aware that our activities around our lakes can impact our water quality quickly. 

Two documents from the District, with full species data and an explanation of the results, are in attachments #4 and #5. 

Thanks again to all our volunteer citizen scientists: Amy Ruan, Peter Ruan, Mark Ruan, Jessica Cohen, Katarina Simons, William Chiauegato, Tom Chiauegato, Noah Simons, Eli Verhey, Thomas Verhey, Kathy Verhey, Dwayne Verhey, Bill Somers, Bruce Howlette, Andrea Gray, Brian Gray. Thank you to Jared Stachiw from the District of Muskoka Special thanks to Mark Ruan & Jessica Cohen for hosting, and to Bruce Howlett for organizing and collecting samples.






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