Animal and Bird Sightings: Red Foxes and Cats!

      Red Foxes are common around the LWRA, but we have noticed increased activity over the past month, with numerous early morning sightings (especially on Thursday garbage mornings). One resident on N Waseosa has reported a confrontation with a neighbourhood domestic cat.  Small pets face risks when off-leash in the wild: please take care! Have you noticed more foxes than normal this fall? Please let us know!

      Please email sightings to Include confirmed sightings for 2015 only. Include only sightings (not animal tracks or birdsong) in the LWRA area (i.e., after you leave  the highway, not something you passed in Gravenhurst!)

 BIRDS                                                                       MAMMALS

- Common Raven                                   - Humans (year-round and seasonal sub-species)

- Blue Jay                                              - White-tailed deer

- Black Capped Chickadee                       - Black squirrel

- Red-breasted Nuthatch                         - Red squirrel

- Wild Turkey                                         - Eastern Chipmunk

- Hairy Woodpecker                                - Neon Fire-breathing Pterodactyl

- Downy Woodpecker                              - Rabbit

- Common Crow                                     - Muskrat

- Purple Finch                                         - Snapping Turtle

- Pileated Woodpecker                             - Black Bear

- Slate-Coloured Junco                            - Red Fox

- Canada Goose                                      - Beaver

- Rock Dove (pigeon)                              - Otter

- White-Throated Sparrow                       - Porcupine

- Great Blue Heron                                  - Groundhog

- Black Duck                                           - Moose

- Robin                                                    - Eastern Garter Snake

- Common Grackle                                  - Bat (species unconfirmed)

- Ring-billed Gull

- Common Loon

- Black-throated Green Warbler

- Red-Eyed Vireo

- Broad-Winged Hawk

- Brown Thrasher

- American Goldfinch

- Belted Kingfisher

- Barred Owl

- Bald Eagle

- Common Flicker

- Eastern Phoebe