How to join us

How to join us/Lake Waseosa Ratepayers Association

Membership in the LWRA is open to any area ratepayer with a limit of one membership per property and one membership per person.  All new memberships must be approved by the Board of Directors to ensure compliance with the rules.

Annual dues are $40.  Dues can be:

1.  Sent to c/o 21 Cottage Lane, Huntsville, P1H 2J4

2.  Paid in person at one of our events

3.  Paid by e-transfer to   please use password annual 

Dues are payable as of January 1st each year but a grace period is extended to the start of the Annual General Meeting July 6th, 2019. Annual Meeting to be held at Glen Norton's place, 724 North Waseosa Lake Rd. 

New membership applications must include contact details such as telephone number and/or e-mail address, local address and residential mailing address if seasonal.

Richard Middaugh, Treasurer, LWRA

You can contact us for more information through the website Contact Form