2018 Annual Corn Roast


Annual LWRA


Saturday, September 1nd, 12pm to 4pm (Saturday of Labour Day Weekend)

Where:  The West Residence. 1346 South Waseosa Lake Road, on the west shore in the southern half of Lake Waseosa (see map below) - use South Waseosa Lake Road.

This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and the members of the board of the association.


  • Corn (Free)
  • Hot dogs ($1.00)
  • Soft drinks or water ($1.00)
  • Hamburgers ($2.00)
  • Veggie burgers ($3.00)
  • Sausage on a Bun ($3.00)
  • Dessert table (Pot luck --  donations of deserts requested)
  • Raffle* – tickets $1.00 for 1 or $5.00 for an arm’s length


This means Everybody is welcome:  Members, non-Members, Family, Guests, Friends and Relatives; Backlot Residents, People from Palette, Ripple, Jessop (Jingo) or Waseosa Lakes. Clark Lake also welcome. Old or Young, ANYBODY can come!  But no pets, please.

In case of rain:  Same place, same time, next day (Sunday 2 September).  Watch for emailed LWRA announcements.  If you aren’t on the LWRA email announcement list, sign up at https://lwra.net/announcements

*”Prizes” are donated by members. Please consider contributing something (or a number of “somethings”) to the raffle.  Think about objects that you once thought that you “really needed to have” but have found, over the years, that you don’t really can’t figure out why you thought that or where, now, it should go.  Or things that you’ve tired of, but can’t bear just to throw out because, after all, they do have some value.  Or (dare we suggest) gifts you have received that you just don’t need.  Think about something that someone else might say, “Oh, I’d love to have something like that.”    This is your chance.    Raffle tickets will be sold and if your number is drawn, you get to choose from all the remaining presents on the raffle table.   For the LWRA, this provides a little bit of money for the operation of the association.  For everyone else, it is some fun and a chance to exchange or recycle objects and gifts.

 West cottage location

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