2018 AGM agenda

Lake Waseosa Ratepayers’ Association: Agenda for Annual General Meeting (notice and map posted here)
11 a.m., 30 June 2018 at Glen Norton’s house: 724 North Waseosa Lake Road
Routine Business
• Minutes from last AGM (Available for review here)
• Treasurer’s Report (to be made available at the meeting)
• Camp Huronda (Link to LWRA’s appearance at Huntsville zoning meeting)
• Princess Margaret Development
-- Our opposition (Link to LWRA written response here)
-- Delay of hearing (New date: 9 am, Wednesday 11 July at Huntsville Town Hall)
-- LWRA’s willingness to work with them on a development that is in keeping with the lake
and the laws
New Business
• Presentation of Life Membership in the LWRA to Bill Somers
• Dues amount for 2019 (2018=$40)
• Proposal to try to get a signed commitment to orderly development principles for all those
running for office from Huntsville (as was done in 2014)—Example  from 2014 here.
• Proposal to stock Lake Trout in Lake Waseosa (proposal from Greg Heller)
• Any other new business
Dates of next events
• Fun Day (4 August)
• Corn Roast (1 September)
Election of Officers
• Continuing (until 2019)
Jeffrey Strasburg
Richard Middaugh
Anthony Doob
Dwayne Verhey
Katarina Simons
• Expiring 2018: To be filled….
Glen Norton
Sandra Heinz
Motion to adjourn