2011 Lake Plan Revisions

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Note: this 2011 version is provided for historical context but has been superseded by the 2016 edition


As part of our 5-year review cycle we have drafted a revised version of the Lake Plan. The focus of this revision has been 3-fold:

1. Update information contained within the Lake Plan, including facts and figures as well as reflect the revised Official Plans and Zoning By-laws and the new Unity Plan.

2. Explore the differences between the four lakes and provide emphasis on unique issues faced by Ripple, Palette and Jessop (Jingo) lakes where found.  

3. Codify the general recommendations in language compatible with the Town of Huntsville Official Plan for inclusion as lake-specific policies.

In the attached PDF file, new text is in colour and underlined. Red text is what was posted initially. Blue text represents changes subsequent to comments made.   Two new maps have been added. A-10 highlights steep slopes in the area. A-11 is an historical map of the area prior to development. Registered users on this website may leave comments (non-member comments will be moderated to ensure family-friendly content).  

These changes were presented at the public meeting Saturday September 3 at 1346 South Waseosa Lake Road from 3 to 4pm. The draft was available for review at the Corn Roast from 12 noon on. All waterfront property owners (regardless of membership in the LWRA) fronting on Palette, Jessop (Jingo), Ripple and Waseosa Lakes were encouraged to attend or submit comments and the meeting was advertised in the Huntsville Forester as well as through our regular communication channels. Attendance was estimated at approximately 50 property owners and Chaired by LWRA President Tony Doob, who opened the meeting at 3:02pm.  

Following a presentation by LWRA Secretary Dwayne Verhey outlining the process and the focus of this review, the floor was opened for questions and any additional changes. As no further changes were suggested or requested,   Marcie Edwards of West Waseosa Lake Road made a motion to give the LWRA Board of Directors a mandate to take this forward to the Town of Huntsville. The Motion was seconded by Graham Leishman, also of West Waseosa Lake Road. Mr. Doob asked the assembly if there was any further discussion on the motion. Hearing none, he then called for the question by a show of hands. The motion passed unanimously.  

Mr. Doob then stressed to all present that this is a living document and that comments and suggestions for improvement will always be welcome as it is expected that the Lake Plan will continue to evolve with time. The meeting was adjourned at 3:45pm.

PDF versions:

2011_LWRA-DraftLakePlan_update_c.pdf (updates only)

2011_LWRA-LakePlan_complete_b.pdf (complete text)

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