2011 Corn Roast / Public Meeting

Looks like we bet on the right horse! The weather on Saturday was almost perfect, the weather on Sunday was wet.

If you are one of the 152 people who made it to the Corn Roast, you are probably on film and the photos have been posted in our album at http://www.lwra.net/gallery/v/2011_corn_roast  (if you have additional photos you would like to add to our collection, e-mail them to secretary@lwra.net) If you didn't make it you can check out the photos to see what you missed.

For those that are counting: we served up 92 burgers, 50 sausages, 72 hotdogs, 120 cans of pop, 60 bottles of water and 14 dozen cobs of corn.

Also, the 2011 Draft Lake Plan page has been updated to reflect the submitted comments. You can check it out at http://www.lwra.net/2011_lake_plan